The parlour is equipped with the most modern and state-of-the-art grooming equipment on the market, all of which helps us to provide an affordable and professional quality service.



The Grooming Table


Our grooming table has an adjustable

platform, which aids in providing the

optimum grooming position for both

dog and groomer. The non slip mat

and holding frame ensures that your

dog is in safe hands.


The Bath


Our hydraulic bath is height adjustable which allows for safe access in and out of the bath via the sliding door. The bath floor also has a non slip surface to help prevent your dog from slipping whilst being washed using our high powered shower.

The Parlour

 Professional and Qualified Dog Groomer in Pembrokeshire


The Dryers


Our cage dryer is a detachable unit which fits onto all our cages. The dryer has thermostatic temperature control which ensures optimum, safe and comfortable temperature consistency when drying your dog. We also utilise our free standing finishing dryer for that professional finish. You can be assured that your dog’s safety and wellbeing is our priority when grooming with us.


The Cages


Our waiting cages are a safe and convenient way to contain your dog for short periods whilst waiting for their collection. Each cage is supplied with soft comfortable bedding and water, and is correctly sized for your dog’s wellbeing.