Price List (2020)

All Prices shown are for a full groom which includes a brush, two baths in luxury shampoo and conditioner, clip or trim, nails trimmed, ears cleaned / plucked and anal glands emptied if needed.


Bichon Fries £35


Border Collie £35-40


Cavalier King Charles £33


Cocker Spaniel £35


Cairn Terrier £33


Golden Retriever £35-40


Miniature Schnauzer £33


Poodle Toy-Miniature £33-40


Scottie £33


Shih Tzu £33


Springer Spaniel £35


Welsh Terrier £33


Westie £33


Yorkie £28


Nail clipping £5

Professional and Qualified Dog Groomer in Pembrokeshire

Crossbreeds are welcome and are priced on the size and the type of the coat, please ask.

I also regret to announce that I am unable to provide my services to the following breeds of dog: Alaskan Malamute, Newfoundlands, Samoyeds, St Bernards, and similar size breeds. Please feel free to contact me for further information.