Grooming Services

Full Groom

Our full grooming service ensures that your dog is pampered and presented as he or she aspires to be. Not only will your dog feel wonderful, grooming is an essential part of he or she’s wellbeing. It's important that your dog is groomed regularly to maintain a healthy coat and skin, which equals a happy dog. Your full groom will include:


- Full Skin Coat Assessment

- Bathing in Specialist Shampoo & Conditioner

- Anal Glands Emptying (if necessary)

- Ear Cleaning

- Nail Clipping

- Blow Dry

- Trimming & Styling (to suit your requirements)


Bath and Brush Outs

At Pooch Parlour, we offer bath and brush out between your dogs full groom to keep your dog looking its best. Regular grooming prevents matting and keeps the skin and coat in top condition.


Seperate Services

At Pooch Parlour, we understand that vets fees can be expensive. Why not take advantage of the below services and save yourself money and time. These services can be used between grooming sessions, which includes:


- Nail Clipping (£5)

- Ear Cleaning & Plucking (£8)

- Anal Gland Emtying (£5)


Please Note:

Late Pick-ups - I may charge a holding fee for late pick ups. We need the space for other appointments.


Before You Arrive - Please ensure you exercise your dog before leaving him / her at the Grooming Parlour.


Cancellations - We require 24hrs notice for cancellation of Appointments or you will incur £10 cancellation fee.


Matted Dogs - If dogs are severely matted, we maybe required to removed all matt’s for the dogs welfare.

 Professional and Qualified Dog Groomer in Pembrokeshire