Frequently Asked Qustions

Q: How much notice do you require to book my dog in for an appointment?


A: Usually we require at least a weeks notice. However in particularly busy periods such as in the summer and December we advise booking at least 4-6 weeks in advance.


Q: Can I stay and watch whilst my dog is being groomed?


A: We request that all customers drop there dogs off and then collect them at an arranged time. We find that dogs are usually more difficult to groom if their owners are  present as they keep trying to get to them. You are welcome to look around the parlour and ask any questions.


Q: Do you groom show dogs?


A: Unfortunately I only choose to groom pet dogs and working dogs.  It is recommended that show dogs are taken to a breed specialists.


Q: Do short coat dogs require grooming?


A: Short coated dogs benefit from being groomed as we are able to remove its dead hair and help eliminate moulting. It is also essential that their nails are clipped and their ears are cleaned. They will also benefit from a general health check.


Q: Can you groom nervous or aggressive dogs?


A: We can usually groom nervous dogs without a problem, as long as they are not aggressive. It is much harder to groom an aggressive dog, and will take more time.


Q: How long will it take to groom my dog?


A: Usually around two and a half hours depending on the dog and if they are having a full groom or just a bath and blow dry. Within busier times of the year, your dog may be with us up to four hours. During this time your dog will be walked for a toilet break.

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